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Cable strap for direct fixing of cables / cable bundles.pdf




Description: dowel-collar is used for installation of wires, cables,  flexible or hard pipes to concrete, stone, brick or aerocrete. Designed for fixation of separate wires or cables from 3 till 28 mm diameter. 

Material: polyamide


-only one drill in use;

-sparingly: only one dowel in use instead of combination “duwel+collar+screw”;

-easy and fast in use - descends difficulty of installation up to 80%;

-high-qualified material allows installation all year through;

-installation’s temperature: from -20 till +80 C;

 -high loadbearing ( forcing of  thrust 40 kg );

 -the material the dowel is produced of  is UV  resistant, also used in different conditions including outdoor installation;

Fireproof material, does not consist halogen, increases working safety.